Why Buy Our Course?

Talked with a new client today. He just received our course and wanted some clarification on starting out. I helped him get going in the right direction, but that was not what struck me.

His background? He is based in Southern California and has been working with private clients for decades. His specialty? Putting his client money to work using fundamental analysis. How much trend trading experience did he have prior to our system? None.

Why did he become a client? Two very interesting reasons:

1. After the market bottomed in Spring 2009 he saw NO fundamental reason for equity markets to trend up, but they did.

2. Now, in 2010 he sees no fundamental reasons for the oil services sector to be drop, but it is.

He saw becoming our client real simple: he needs new tools to deal with the discrepancy clearly inherent in fundamental analysis.

4 thoughts on “Why Buy Our Course?

  1. Congratulations to Mr. X on admitting he was gambling with his clients’ money with fundamental analysis and seeking a REAL answer.

  2. I have some of the same concerns as Mr. X, but have done some trading against the trend and saved my clients “some” pain, which course did he purchase?

  3. There is nothing wrong with fundamental analysis. It is so obvious there is a multitude of investment approaches and people are making money trading technicals, investing long-term, scalping, arbitraging etc. The fact that not all people are successful in fundamental investing is as obvious as that not all trend followers are millionaires. What is the whole fuss about? Your new client perhaps does not need new tools, but better mastery of the ones he knows

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