“Thanks for Writing Such a Great Book”

From a reader:

“Dear Mr. Covel: Thanks for writing such a great book. I just finished reading it. You went in a completely different direction than I thought from the book’s beginning.”
Isaac Taylor

Thanks! Where did you think it was going? 🙂

“i thought you would simply write about the experiment, inclusive of systematic trading blather.  However, from the detailed outline of Mr. Dennis’ nondescript beginnings (I am a 1990 graduate of Brother Rice H.S. the ‘brother’ school to St. Laurence and our main football rival), to the inter-office disparity between the Turtles, to the chronicle of the post-experiment Turtle successes and failures; this book was a truly fascinating read. Equally important to me was the unique way you approached the psychological aspect of trading throughout the book. Without dedicating a section to an expert giving a dissertation on the ‘mindset of traders’, you did one better by including real-life hurdles they were all faced with and how they handled them. As an equities day trader going it alone with nothing but prayer, books I can get and my charts, this book inspired and challenged me. Thanks again!”
Isaac Taylor

Thanks again. I feel lucky to have been the biographer of the story.

One thought on ““Thanks for Writing Such a Great Book”

  1. Trend Following is a fantastic book, incredibly well researched book!

    For those who see the light from this book, be sure to purchase the Trading Systems course because the course material makes the process VERY clear and actionable. No need to guess, or hope you understand the material – Michael gives detailed instructions and examples in the course. I didn’t exactly know how to trend follow until getting the course material and this gave me the confidence to begin.

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