A Little Note on Posting

I welcome everyone’s contribution here. Post away. However, as you take my offer keep in mind that this is not a playground. Abusive language, threats, and random crazy behavior will result in moderation or the deletion of posts — no warning. Some very bright people make it through this site on a regular basis and respecting their time is part of what we do here. So if you have a need to fight, scream, bark or otherwise act like an ass…you won’t be long for here.

4 thoughts on “A Little Note on Posting

  1. Let the idiots do that. They provide valuable traffic to your blog. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. 🙂

  2. Hi Michael,
    Of course it serves of big purpose for your website (I am an Architect, imagine your blog as your virtual office and conference room). This is your creation and you have worked hard for it!
    You should add a folder as one of your Blog Topic’s:
    -Notes on Posting and Rules
    Every contribution is welcomed here. Abusive language, threats, and/or random crazy behavior will result in the deletion of posts by the moderator.

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