I See Stupid People

From the wires today:

“Economists expect the US economy generated about 540,000 jobs in May-a large portion of which expected to come from Census hiring-and many analysts will be hoping that’s enough to assuage investor fears that the European debt contagion could cause a double-dip recession.”

Census workers? Seriously. That’s our economic development?

6 thoughts on “I See Stupid People

  1. I flipped on CNBC after the bell. One idiot was asking another idiot…”when this market would go back to trading off fundamentals?” Idiot responded with a litany of fundamental reasons as to when the market would go back to trading off the fundamentals.

  2. Economists??? Does anyone still listen to these people? They are wrong so often they make a weatherman look good.

  3. How many of the Census workers were laid-off twice and then re-hired to ‘pad’ the numbers?

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