Apple Beats Microsoft

Apple has now passed the value of Microsoft. Wow.

I remember back in the day using my LC III in grad school. I was the only one. Took some heat from friends, but even then it was clear that Bill Gates had no vision beyond his initial OS (which then and now was/is awful).

Mac has always made life easier. Nothing new there.

9 thoughts on “Apple Beats Microsoft

  1. I used to love Apple, but now they are turning into the new Microsoft by locking everything down and charging for everything. Apple is now all hype, and way overpriced.

    Now Microsoft finally put out a decent product with Windows 7.

  2. Microsoft is under attack from many fronts and their moat (operating system) is getting dissed too. Cloud computing is a BIG problem for them.

  3. Apple has always had the better product. The problem was (and still is) that they are very unfriendly to “outside” developers. They are very unfriendly to hackers (people who tinker with computers). They are unfriendly to anyone who owns screwdrivers. They want you to USE their stuff, but without knowing anything about how the stuff works, or how to modify it for personal use. That’s where the PC platform (the hardware) shines. It’s a shame though that microsoft software became so popular, especially in a datacenter environment. Microsoft took a desktop operating system, and managed to convince people that it was datacenter quality (it wasn’t, and still isn’t).

    On the hardware side, Apple’s move (finally!) from Motorola to Intel was a good idea, 20 years late. They always loudly maintained how much better the motorola chip-set was, until they quietly switched. On the software side, Apple (finally!) moved to BSD (a UNIX variant), which was a good idea, 20 years late.

    Apple’s mentality is very similar to Sun Microsystems. Apple wanted to control both the hardware and the software (Sun had SunOS (BSD-based), and then Solaris (System-7based)). The good thing about that is you don’t have to design software with unknown external hardware in mind. The bad news is that also leads to being a control freak. I don’t have much interest in Apple because I’m a computer guy. Apple is for people who don’t know much of anything about computers..which is fine, it’s a large demographic.

  4. Gene, lots of player hating on Apple.

    Your argument is the same one used against Apple for 20+ years, but it is archaic now.

    Plus, last I checked Mac runs UNIX under the hood.

    Lack of developers now? Come on. I know guys making apps left and right…and making good money.

  5. Michael:

    Let the companies who make trading software know that considering MAC at this time might be a good idea.

  6. @Clint – +1

    Would love to have MetaTrader for the Mac..or better still, for the iPad.

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