For All Those Out There Who Want MORE Government to “Fix” Us…Waste of Time!

From the wires:

“Economist David Henderson of the conservative Hoover Institution says a shift from private wages to government benefits saps the economy of dynamism. ‘People are paid for being rather than for producing,’ he says.”

More government = more waste = more bubbles = worse end game.

7 thoughts on “For All Those Out There Who Want MORE Government to “Fix” Us…Waste of Time!

  1. It’s odd. The one place we need government badly, the oil spill, they are invisible. That’s a knock against all government — not just the President.

  2. What is Obama not doing that he should be doing? If he throws all the BP executives in jail (which he probably can’t do anyway) then who’d fix the problem? BP and RIG are the subject-matter experts. If US government pushes them aside and takes over (using who…Corp of Engineers, I don’t thing so) then we’d then own the problem. When the lawsuits come up later BP/RIG’s defense would be that their operations were interfered with so they can no longer be held responsible. There’s nothing Obama can do to get the well shut down. That’s the job that BP/RIG are supposed to be doing. In your free market world, why should *we* be responsible for fixing this massive fuck-up by a corporation? Why is the BP spill MY responsibility? Sounds like you just want to socialize the losses and privatize the gains just like every other republican…nice plan.

    The time for government involvement was before this disaster happened, by having honest regulation, requiring disaster recovery planning to be in place, etc. None of that happened because some people consider regulations to be nothing but government getting in the way of business.

  3. The most powerful nation on the planet that sent men to the moon, built the Hoover dam, and invented the computer can’t cap an oil well? Or, what’s worse, didn’t have a contingency plan for an environmental disaster that a third grader could have predicted?? Or what’s even worse, is more concerned about removing liability from BP by becoming too hands-on in the solution than in actually capping the well???

    Time for America to wake up and for the government to start focusing on the 5 big things again: the environment, education, infrastructure, the economy, defence. All these populist distractions have got to stop…the money’s gone and the country has lost its way while pursuing plasma TV’s and free houses.

  4. Yeah, sure, the government should be in charge. The same government that awarded the Deepwater Horizon a safety award in 2009 (from the Minerals Management Service, part of the Department of the Interior) and pointed to this very rig as a safety model for deep water drilling.

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