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“Hi, I’ve now read Michael Covel’s “The Complete TurtleTrader” and “Trend Following”. I have a question about the Trend Following Trading Systems that he sells through In Trend Following, Michael goes to great lengths to discuss the fundamental theory of Systematic Trading but what he doesn’t do is provide specific systems that can be followed or have been used in the past. I understand that this could not be put in a book that sells for less than $100, and get why he wouldn’t do that. My question is, in the Systematic Trend Following System courses, is this type of training provided. I am fully prepared to test my own systems using [software], but are there specific systems taught in the courses that would essentially give me a head start? I am looking for a course (or mentor) that would be able to provide samples of indicators for entry & exits, how someone would backtest these systems and develop new systems…essentially how to establish & operationalize a systematic trading program. Is this provided in the courses or is it simply just the theory? I am a professional energy trader that trades electricity in the Northeast Power markets of Canada & US, so I have experience trading for 6+ years but not as a systematic style trader.”
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Wes J.

We provide all the rules you will need + personal support to answer your particular questions. Beyond a shadow of a doubt there are specific systems! We provide clients a condensed opportunity to learn everything we have assembled research wise over the last 15 years. We provide complete systems of entry/exit and money management. You will be covered from start to finish. Wes, in conclusion, we can help. And our unique personalized support will make sure your unique situation is addressed. He followed up:

“Michael, Would you recommend I get set up with [software] first before investing in one of your courses.? Or could I start with one of your courses, and then invest in [software] over the next few months. As well, should I get set up with a Futures account at a brokerage firm first? Or could I also do this at a later date? I’m just not sure of the staging of how this whole thing should go together.”
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We recommend our systems trading course first. You can’t jump into software before the systems, philosophy and basics of what we teach are down tight. Even more so with a brokerage firm. That definitely does not come before our course or software, plus the brokerage decision/implementation takes little time. You can, however, do software at same time as our trading systems course.