Transparency Trend?

One of the great things about the meltdown of the last few years? Smart people, people with insights into government chicanery, people with insights into the hand selected winners — are all out in front of the story talking about it as it happens (and nailing the bad guys when appropriate). That’s awesome.

I think we have reached the point where it will be harder and harder for government favorites (for example, Buffett and Goldman) to cut slippery deals with no repercussions — ever again.

Too much light shines these days.

And that might be the silver lining in all of this.

One thought on “Transparency Trend?

  1. Hey Mike you nailing Buffett big time these days!
    Its nauseating to see hime on fb extolling the virtues of Bernanke (he would wouldnt he!) and the “BROKE SHEEP” all giving him the thumbs up!
    Lets be honest how many have made money in the last 10 years trying to emulate the big folksy B? Not without a little hand from their friends!

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