Put aside trend trading for a second and let’s consider economics. How in the world is there ‘recovery’ and a strengthening business cycle in the face of massive government intervention (spending, new debts and interest rate manipulation)? I just don’t get it:

3 thoughts on “Recovery!?

  1. Joke. Sprott was on King World News, he presented 2 facts that really sum it up. One, there are as many public employees as private and 2 they make as much or more.

    So let me get this right: Everyone working in the private sector would have to give up 100% of their pay to support the government workers. Add to that the programs, the buildings, cars, roads…..

  2. Seconding Mike & Davos – isn’t the on-screen buffoon using stats based on last March (’09) as his “base?”
    And, doubtless gov’t-massaged stats, as well.
    So, we’re “recovering” into Europe’s stagnant, permanent 10+% unemployment (officially acknowledged – true estimate = 2x-3x that)?
    Just hoping the markets won’t be tampered with any more than they are already, since traders are handy political scapegoats.

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