3 thoughts on “Market? What Market!

  1. “14.5% of houses are empty” and without gov’t interaction Bove suggests another 10-15% fall in housing prices would not be surprising. And a price fall will only lead to more houses becoming empty. Is the gov’t really going to get out of this business given these numbers? I don’t believe so – not until investors make the decision for the gov’t by not buying debt.

  2. how does morons like Bove 1. still have a job 2. justify their existence 3. think they are intellectually honest 4 not consider themselves bone knuckle readers

    looking back at his “predictions” and “forecasts”..how does this guy still “predict” anything?!?!

    shocking the blindness.

  3. Winning Formula:

    1) grow a beard, preferably one like Ben Bernanke’s

    2) say something scary. Fear sells.

    3) predict either the price or the date..never both

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