2 thoughts on “Inside The Collapse, Part 1

  1. “…The Wall Street incentives got completely screwed up.”
    Who screwed them up?
    Over the last 96 years?
    Not, of course, our caring gov’t “regulators,” Congressmen, or bureaucrats.
    Oh, no – just those evil capitalists,again (of course).
    That “unregulated bond market,” etc., etc.
    More anti-free-market television entertainment from another dying broadcast entity.
    I’d been intending to read one or another of this Michael Lewis’ books, as one hears about him a lot; now, I’m spared wasting my time.
    Anyway, glad another independent trader seems to have been recognized for not going with the herd.

  2. And all of us who said the bailout was BS, but were told it was necessary, are proven correct again. When will those who are paid to be the watchdogs for the rest of us wake up and do their job. If one person could figure it out, then why were those so called watchdogs asleep. ‘Not enough manpower’ my butt!

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