5 thoughts on “Marc Faber: No More Crash

  1. No matter what anybody says, at the end of the day the markets go up, the markets go down, and sometimes the markets go sideways. It is obvious and it is a truism. The trick to making money is to be on the correct side of the market AND be nimble enough to get out when it starts going against you.

  2. Let me get this straight. Bernanke “allowed” the 2007/2008 bear market, but now suddenly Bernanke has the tools and magic buttons to rule out a 20% correction in the SP500? What a ludicrous assumption by Faber. When I hear non-sense like that you know it’s coming from pathetic newsletter writers, not guys who risk their own money in the markets.

  3. Predictions, predictions. Bull predictions, bear predictions, side-ways predictions. All just predictions. Why not just follow the trend wherever she may go. And remember kids, always use a stop loss, and let your profits run!

  4. On a non trend following note: Cash? Geithner’s Treasury released the 2009 fiscal GAAP deficit. It is cooked. John Williams of Shadow Stats pegged the GAAP Deficit for F2009 at about 9 trillion.

    The dollar IS toast. Mish’s holding cash is his business. Faber, imo is correct.

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