FDR Second Bill of Rights Speech Footage

I mention this video in my review here:

This was first seen in Moore’s film and its finally online.

4 thoughts on “FDR Second Bill of Rights Speech Footage

  1. Isn’t that sweet?
    So a businessman large and small has the right to sale his “wares” at a price that will allow him to take care of his family. That is a right?
    I could go on and on.

  2. I make clear in my film where I stand on all politicians — no good. Politically I am libertarian. But when I think back to my school days and think back to when FDR’s name was mentioned, he was so revered. Now, as an adult I watch that video and say to myself, “I would not share a beer with that guy.”

    His thought process is so messed up — that no comment is almost the best thing to say. Arguing with someone who thinks like FDR is pointless.

  3. Mike,

    When you were in your young pre-Turtle days, how did you experience 1994 “Contract with America” election process?

    Also, why do you still run a business in California? They are the closest state to the FDR’s vision…

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