Trends Abound

A friend, and fund manager, Jason Russell writes:

“Trends are everywhere – weather, sports, fashion, food, entertainment, health, science and politics. Some trends are long, some are short. They come and they go as they always have and always will. Life and business both thrive on identifying, following and serving trends. Market prices for metals, currencies, energies or bonds are no different. Over any given time horizon, prices go up, down or sideways. It is no more complex than that.”

7 thoughts on “Trends Abound

  1. Michael, I like the way your friend thinks and sees.

    Good principles, such as “Everything Trends”, are robust; they explain the most facts with little theorizing.

  2. Until these statements correspond with our senses they’re just words signifying nothing.

    Observation, experience, and experiments are the basis that determine the validity of these statement.

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