One thought on “College Loans: Time to Rethink

  1. I believe in developing a drive, a reason, a need and feelings, instead of first stuffing our minds with information. My parents put me in school for 12 years, studies hard and was judged as failure in many tests, to only reach high school and barely graduate, only to be told that I can’t study in college because fees are higher than what my parents afford, I currently work as a trader and doing risk management research, the only knowledge I have from school is simple math and the rest was just a waste of 12 years, other than my own personality which had nothing to do with the books.

    Not only school was useless, also they judged me as a failure so many times while me and others have so many years ahead of us to specialize and be great at something.

    School teach and test all students in the same curriculum, how can all kids be the same while later in life they specialize in so many fields? How can they be taught the same, just because it is such a linear lazy system that doesn’t count in the difference of interest in each child?

    I think at school each child should be given a special flexible teaching that changes as the child’s interest change through the years until they stabilize with an objective, instead of marking them as failures just because they refuse to learn what they don’t see value in learning, maybe schools should research what boredom means at those younger years, a child’s feelings shouldn’t be ignored just because we find it wrong as adults.

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