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Michael, Thank you for sending me your film on DVD. I thought it was an excellent film for beginning and veteran speculators. It’s a great reminder of what makes or breaks traders in our business. I found Jim Rogers statement about mutual funds very interesting. I am aware of his thoughts about the US in general, but he really laid into Wall Street. Many of my veteran clients are also not fond of Wall Street or even buying stocks in general. I dislike mutual funds but am still a believer of a self-directed stock portfolio. When new traders enter or research the futures arena, I generally give them the “train wreck” story of what can happen trading derivatives. But in reality only trading can instill this sense of humility and discipline traders develop over time as the trains come off the tracks on occasion. Not one successful futures trader interviewed appeared the least bit “cocky” like you might expect with Wall Street folks. Your movie complements my “train wreck” story. I am excited about the prospects of an increased appetite in commodities. There will be many road blocks along the way as institutional investors find the best way to diversify into our field whether through veteran funds of CTAs or through ETFs, etc. Either way, the demand is there. I will recommend your movie to my clients and prospects. I think it is ideal for individuals learning how become “traders or speculators” (I do not think it is particularly appropriate for everyday mom and pop long-term investors as it is biased towards a handful of successful futures traders with little positive portrayals of equity managers). Thanks again.

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Thank you for the review, but I do disagree 100% on one issue. The film is for everyone. If people don’t learn how the best do it they will in the long run be left with average returns.

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  1. Interesting.

    I agree that everyone needs to get good at investing their money. They do not need to become professional derivatives traders and sit in front of their computers all day (or night?) long. But they should understand how trading works and be able to use trading strategies if they are right for them.

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