Great Men Don’t Think Like This

A sad commentary on the times. Unfortunately for the ‘proletariat’ they don’t understand that asking for the so-called rich to be soaked will in the long run only see their lot in life continue to worsen.

When did laying asphalt sneak into the public consciousness as a noble endeavor? Why have colleges and higher education if digging ditches and pouring concrete are the new coveted jobs? I am not making fun of those jobs either. I am making fun of America’s pitiful desperation so expertly catered to on a near daily basis by politicians whose only goal is to be elected.

6 thoughts on “Great Men Don’t Think Like This

  1. If politicians really wanted to be re-elected, they would be wise to remember that they work for us. They would stop squandering this country’s future with ill thought out programs that the country does not want and they would remember that the American taxpayer is not a bottomless pit.

    Many of the better jobs/occupations have been shipped overseas and the service industry can take on only so many new hires. What is left is the asphalt laying, the ditch digging, the burger flipping types of jobs. Of course, there are government jobs going to be available with the ever expanding government, but those have probably already been promised.

  2. “In November the richest Americans reported a 14% drop in average daily discretionary spending to $117. This is a far cry, and 30% off, from the peak of $185/day report in April of 2008.”

  3. all of this shows the country’s schools are doing a terrible job teaching economics. Might even say basic math. The rich don’t have enough to pull the country out of this mess.

  4. You are conveniently ignoring that social welfare for the rich very much DOES exist. America bailed out the financial industry, and for it’s troubles it’s now enjoying 30% credit card rates (after the 25-year push towards a cashless society).

    NOT soaking the rich will not bring back the jobs they’ve outsourced. Those jobs are NEVER coming back. NOT soaking the rich will not improve anyone’s life.

    There are so many perks to being a corporation or wealthy individual, and corporate America has so much more of a voice in D.C. than PEOPLE do, and corporations are so completely void of any decency whatsoever, that I see no rational argument AGAINST soaking them anywhere possible.

    The rich are running D.C., and they are the ones getting us into their imperial wars. Since the wealthy are the ones who benefit from all this resource-stealing, global power-games, and US world terrorism campaign (and not normal people, who just want to live a decent life), then these wealthy people who love war so much should be the ones paying for ALL of it. I say no federal income tax for anyone making less than $250K a year. In addition, all military age children (male and female) of the immediate families of both houses of Congress and of all the top-level staff and office holders in the executive branch must serve a front-line role in any military engagement.


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