Review of Salem Abraham DVD

A recent review of my Salem Abraham DVD:

All I can say is that [Salem Abrahma DVD] was the rare opportunity to hear timeless advice from one of the country’s greatest traders who probably no one has heard of. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching this interview. Salem…gets the point across. He tells you everything that you need to know to be a successful trader and investor. I love the point about passing up the good ideas and waiting for the great ideas (be patient). Don’t pay any attention to the news, let the market tell you what to do. Know your absolute worst case scenario and then plan on something happening that you never expect (risk management). If I had to sum up this interview in a phrase…Trading is all about risk and knowing your worst case loss at all times. I also loved the part when he spoke about passion, discipline, confidence and doing what you love to do. I can’t tell you how true this is. I am trapped in a job as a financial advisor and it is hard for me to get to work everyday, but I use my time to my advantage to back test trading ideas that I hope can make me the next Salem. I have a passion for trend following and your materials have helped in the greatest way. I need to watch this DVD again in order to fully take in all his wisdom and advice, but it sure was a great educational piece. I loved it! Phil S.

This DVD is here in our course options.