The Journey

I caught this line from Art Garfunkel:

“I was preparing for a PhD in Mathematics. All of that seems like so much nonsense now. I guess it doesn’t do too well to envision these projected scenarios of the future. What happens in just about every case is you fall into whatever you fall into. The next thing you know, you’re looking back in retrospect at what it is you’ve now been doing for the last how many years.”

I may have not been preparing for a PhD in Mathematics, but there is some real wisdom in Garfunkel’s words about following a path even if you don’t where it will take you. My insane curiosity about how Jerry Parker originally ended up in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia as a Turtle

…took me to places I never expected. Like meeting Mikhail Gorbachev and not to mention learning from some of the best traders on the planet. Crazy journey.

One thought on “The Journey

  1. Very true…Art is very wise and has the voice of an angel. But the amazing thing is how perfectly Art and Paul worked together. Two individuals doing their own thing in perfect harmony. A winning combination.

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