Mises’ “FREEMarket” Publishes My Review of Michael Moore’s Film

My review of Michael Moore’s recent film made the hard copy of the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s FREEMarket. Check the September 2009 edition (Vol. 27, No. 9).

2 thoughts on “Mises’ “FREEMarket” Publishes My Review of Michael Moore’s Film

  1. There are pros and cons with Glenn Beck. He is one of the first to talk from a Libertarian vantage (even if not entirely pure) to a wide audience — which is great. He has raised controversial issues that may have never seen the light of day and has been right on many of them. That’s good. On the negative side I dislike religious undertones. Religious debates across differing religions will never be resolved or proved so I find their discussion always pointless. I also disagree with Beck that looking to Congress for answers/leadership or voting the current lot out will make a difference. It won’t. Also, while Beck is criticized for assorted conspiracy theories (some true, some not), I do agree with him on a gut level that things don’t feel right. It is hard to imagine that with so many people looking to government for EVERYTHING (read: daddy) that we will ever see the United States back to prominence (unless there is a World War). Bottom line, government is not a solution to what ills society, but how can there possibly be something to say about government ineptness everyday? It’s like the financial media — useless hot air after a certain point.

    My view of what ills society is here.

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