Broke Is the New American Dream

I originally put these comments together on Facebook…

My film is titled “Broke: The New American Dream” because many people actually WANTED to go broke. Think about it. That title is inspired by Ed Seykota. Look, if millions of people took reckless actions, not paying attention to the odds of a downside, only fixated on the instant riches they knew were surely coming tomorrow…they consciously or sub-consciously wanted to be broke. Why do this? Hey I am not Dr. Phil, but some people actually win or have satisfaction by losing. Is that bizarre to me personally? Sure. Am I positive people do this? 100% positive. Everyone is fond of saying that success and all is the American dream. I say your actions dictate what you really want — your ‘dream’ so to speak. The new American dream is to be broke until it shifts gears and does something different.

P.S. Dubai appears to have the same dream to be broke!

2 thoughts on “Broke Is the New American Dream

  1. Nice Post Michael. I like this post since it goes straight to the heart of the issue.

    People are slow to discount their own actions. And some time always passes between when they make a mistake and realizing it, resulting in trends that persist.

    What people are aware of rarely happens since they can “do” something about it.

    If people were to directly perceive the consequences of their many actions trend followers may go out of business since there may not be trends to follow.

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