‘Broke’ Film DVD Images

The designer of my DVD case and ‘sheep’ imagery recently posted some nice pictures:



A cropped image (full image at above links):

6 thoughts on “‘Broke’ Film DVD Images

  1. Silly me that I assumed the Apple Store was universal! What a pain it was to get on U.S. store! Short answer, I don’t know! Wish it was on all now!

  2. Yes,indeed – we in UK/France would like it on Itunes- the waiting is painful really…

    Did someone say Global World? We can not even have this here, even though it is from the same company Apple.

    This is incredible really…

  3. Hi Michael
    Is the DVD suitable for playback in regions outside the US? I am in the UK, and am about to buy a copy, but just want to be certain that it will play ok.

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