Said with A Straight Face

I caught this tonight. An excerpt:

The San Francisco metro area has seen its home values drop by a quarter, and the city still has some pain to work through. The city’s median home price is expected fall another 8.3% by June 2010. After that, however, the market there may come roaring back: Fiserv predicts a 14.3% gain between June 2010 and June 2011. Averaged out, that means a 4.8% gain over the next two years.

Wow. That’s like free money! Unreal gibberish.

3 thoughts on “Said with A Straight Face

  1. Now, let me see. Two plus two… Scratch that. Let’s try again. Two times two equals… Umm. No. Let’s see now. Year 2011 divided by… Golly, math is hard. I give up.


  2. FDIC now covers over 100 banks that had practically bankrupt, best thing is that FDIC it’s self is practically bankrupt. Can someone tell me how are citizens going to get a loan if there are less and less number of sound financial institutions? This analyst mumbo jumbo is really not worth a a read.

  3. I wonder what they were precisely predicting in 2006 for 2007-2009 based on the numbers for the prior two years? Suppose it depends on where you get your “forecast” from. Did anyone check Fiserv’s prior track record?

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