Net Neutrality, Fairness Doctrine and Insanity

I don’t know exactly what “Net Neutrality” or the “Fairness Doctrine” means, but I do know in simple terms a bunch of federal government idiots are being pondered as the gatekeepers of approved content on the web. How do we actually make fun of the Communist Chinese government for censorship when there are fools in America who think legislating “opinion fairness” is appropriate? There are so many aspects of current day America that make me want to puke in a bucket. When you look ahead 100+ years, and assume a never ending supply of loser busy bodies, clearly America has peaked.

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2 thoughts on “Net Neutrality, Fairness Doctrine and Insanity

  1. You haven’t seen anything yet…….. kiss freedom goodbye unless the american people wake the hell up and take their country back and put the constitution back in place.
    This admin is using the constitution as toilet paper.

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