8 thoughts on “Covel FOX Business Interview

  1. Watched the video on You Tube. Loved the Dow 30K call.
    Michael, you’re becoming a celebrity. Getting face time
    with the likes of The Nanny, and Lurch over there on the
    bottom right. Great job!

  2. Is Eric Bolling serious ?
    Asking you for DOW predictions ?
    Did he not read your book ?
    This is hilarious ! The woman seemed to kind of get it…

    Investors continue to pay for traders’ lifestyles.

  3. In defense of Bolling he has done extremely well trading! In this instance he is running a program and looking for some buzz. Do I think he made his fortune with predictions? No way! He is a good guy and is in my film.

  4. they’re just trying to confuse us… just try to make some money following trends and as michael said “HAVE AN EXIT PLAN.”!

  5. For the lay person or the beginning trader predictive and fundamental concepts may appear more sophisticated than the simple message of trend following. So how does one communicate about “not-knowing”?

  6. Micheal you are telegenic, contrarian Libertarian. This year most trend followers in futures scratched. There is a non-corelation with stocks. They always try to call the market but all the bulls on gold makes me want to short it but only consolidated 3 weeks.

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