One thought on “Stock Tip Nonsense

  1. I am in the process of raising capital for a trendfollowing with SSFs. I was speaking with a potential client today who held various mutual funds with Fidelity and Vanguard. I told the client “you don’t have to sit there in fear losing money all the way down”. Her next question was “What can I do about it?” I told her no matter if she chooses me or someone else to manage her money, she needs to ask these questions (Mike, I’m sure you’ll find these familiar):

    1. When do you enter a market?
    2. When do you exit with a profit or loss?
    3. What markets do you follow?
    4. How much of my limited capital do you risk on each trade.

    I told her I don’t know if anyone else can answer those questions quantitatively and definitively, but I can.

    Well, I am happy to report, I got the capital to manage.

    Thanks Mike for books, this site, and your course I took two years ago. Keep up the good work.

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