Create Me a Job & Nobel Prizes

My head is going to explode if I hear one more talking head talk of “creating jobs.” Apparently, we have truly become a mass of sheep waiting for a “Dear Leader” somewhere to grant us “direction”. There is never any talk of getting ahead, taking steps, creating a business — it’s all just “wait” for the “job” to come. Now today, and it first this might seem completely unrelated, but President Obama wins the Nobel Prize. What is going on?

Fear. There is simply a massive amount of fear in the fabric of society. Logic and achievement are out the window. It’s all fear. And in our current world of panicky sheep it appears that promising government jobs to everyone and awarding illogical Nobel Prizes is the new normal. When is the first legitimate Galt’s Gulch opening?

11 thoughts on “Create Me a Job & Nobel Prizes

  1. I am a libertarian. This site needs to rip conceptually politicians and politics. There are many other places for hardcore politics, but I prefer this blog stay in a certain place.

  2. There was really nothing Partisan about my post….. it was mearly a record of obama’s lack of transparency and compliance to what we have to comply with on a daily basis so far.

  3. The real message is in the world’s strong reaction to Obama’s presidency. That is a real existing fact. The rest are just personal opinions.

  4. Without being partisan, the whole Nobel prize thing is an exellent illustration about how easy it is to lead the masses astray and how at the same time when you think you’re the only one thinking clearly, you hear someone else speak the truth. This must be what Michael Einhorn felt like as he explained his short position against Lehman Brothers.

  5. I bet Einhorn was more worried about his exposure than his explanation for that trade. There is no such thing as a long-term trade based on some explanation for that particular trade. There are only bets you make in the present that hopefully turn into long-term held positions. Explanations are usually vastly different from the actual experience of riding an open position, even for someone like Michael Einhorn.

    Notice he started shorting as Lehman started to make new lows in 2007.

    Einhorn has a knack for managing risk. He came in 18th at the 2006 World Series of Poker.

    Just my $0.02.

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