The Options to Capitalism

Some people don’t want capitalism, but take a quick look at the “successful” government options:

Post Office? Years in Business? 234 Result? It’s broke.
FDIC Bank Insurance Fund? Years in Business? 76 Result? It’s broke.
Social Security? Years in Business? 74 Result? It’s broke.
War on Poverty? Years in Business? 45 Result? Poverty is winning.
Medicare? Years in Business? 44 Result? It’s broke.
Medicaid? Years in Business? 44 Result? It’s broke.
Health Care? Years in Business? TBD Result? Take a guess.

Oh, and don’t forget about the lines at the DMV…

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2 thoughts on “The Options to Capitalism

  1. Audio is crappy but the stories are spot on!

    I wonder how much will their planned “capitalism” last?

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