A New Trader

Feedback in from the UK:

Dear Michael, I wanted to share the performance figures from my trend trading system with you and to thank you for your invaluable work into trend trading through your books and web site. I’m doing quite well; I’ve only been live for fourteen months but have achieved total returns in that time exceeding seventy five percent with only one down month (-1.5%) and a maximum draw down of just -4.3%. I’m not a Turtle student; in fact I have only just started to read “The Complete Turtle Trader”. However the turning point for me was your “Trend Following book” (2004 edition). The information in that book and subsequent discovery of material from other prominent trend traders has been a real turning point for me. I started my induction into the trading world back in 1998 at a Tony Robbins (jump up and down on your chairs) seminar in London. For a Brit you have no idea how hard that was for me – stiff upper lip and all that! Suffice to say it was pretty much a waste of time but an important stepping stone in my journey nonetheless. Over the last ten years I have spent every spare moment (in between managing a consultancy to the Food service industry here in the UK) researching, testing and developing my own system. I’ve had a few monumental false starts and learned some valuable lessons from them! No matter how many times you read detailed accounts of other peoples’ mistakes, somehow you have to do it for yourself before it really sinks in! I have attached a PDF file that summarizes my performance since I went live with my own trend trading system. I think you will be impressed; you have to be really as a large part of my success is down to you and trend trading! True I’m only just into my second year but the likes of Dunn, Man AHL, EMC etc all had to have a first year! What really excites me is the performance of my system through the credit crisis, in fact it was comparing my charts with those posted on your site that prompted me to compile my own performance data and share it with you. Thank you once again. Kind regards Yours sincerely, XXXX

Thanks for the feedback. Larger drawdowns will happen though at some point. Its the nature of the beast.

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  1. Hi,
    I am also exactly in same position as you! I mean to say, I am also from UK with a full time job and with same kind of trend-following system which I am applying since 2004. Since then I have made 80% return per year for last 5 years! (I am applying this system in the nascent Indian Commodities market, hence high return!). Also I have clocked around 25% return in western markets since 2 years. It will be great if we can communicate thru e-mails? (my mailid: [email protected]).

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