Making A Film: The ‘Crude’ Feedback

Making a documentary film is an interesting process. You interview people and then head to the editing room. In some ways I felt for my interviewees as they had no idea what to really expect once they talked to me. Oh sure they knew how I thought, had read my books, etc., but it was still a risk on some level for them. One of my interviewees, someone in the film, texted me a few minutes ago with a rather crude compliment that contrasted my film with Michael Moore’s new film. His quick and dirty (literally) feedback:

“But you tell them what to do about it. Moore tells them to xxxx on big daddy government’s xxxx.”

Thanks! I am wondering if my prior post inspired his language!

4 thoughts on “Making A Film: The ‘Crude’ Feedback

  1. im guessing tim sykes texted you that. not that it really matters who it is….but its pretty funny.
    i can’t believe you interviewed him…lol. entertaining for sure!!

  2. then i have absolutely no clue…lol. well…maybe MM. everyone else in the movie seems like angels. ok..that was a delusional comment.

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