Ludwig von Mises Institute Running Michael Moore Review is running my review of Michael Moore’s film front page now.

4 thoughts on “Ludwig von Mises Institute Running Michael Moore Review

  1. Good comments, Michael.

    Like you, I agree with ALL the wishes, hopes and dreams easpoused by the Michael Moores of the world. Heck, I even agree with most of what Karl Marx says in The Communist Manifesto. But so what? It’d be great if a government-appointed fairy godmother could swoop in and leave buckets of money and hammocks and tequila coolers for everyone. But it’s NOT going to happen. Friedman is bang on…There is nothing better than capitalism for moving a country ahead economically. There’s a reason why China and India are going to roar past America in terms of economic strength over the next 20 years. China was held back with socialist ideals for about 60 years, but now the tiger is loose, and showing its teeth.

    It is unfathonable at this point in this very competitive global game that the US is headed backwards to where China came from. We may find out too late that these populist notions that sound so good to the Oprah crowd actually cut off the legs of the industries that pay the daily bills for the country and its people.

  2. There are always two sides to a coin. Yes, capitalism is great because in theory it gives everyone a chance to succeed beyond their expectations. In reality, however, the deck is stacked against most people except for the largest companies with their lobbyists, lawyers and enablers. Moore’s film while “over the top” in certain scenes attempts to stir up people at the core isssue of “fairness”. Americans have always tolerated certain degrees of unfairness and special privileges afforded the super wealthy, but when people are losing their jobs, their homes, their health benefits because financial institutions took reckless leverage risks right under the noses of our govt leaders and were bailed out and now have access to billions at 0% interest then something is seriously wrong with the system: it is corrupted beyond repair until full transparency, regulation and accountability are restored. We have never moved away from a democracy to an oligarchy with such speed as under the Bush and Obama administrations and many people are disgusted with the hypocracy of US policies at home as well as abroad. (i.e. 1 trillion/yr spent on military)

  3. Nick, I agree: capitalism is great in theory. The conflict you see between theory and reality in this case stems from the fact that the current American system is NOT capitalism. For more information, see Ayn Rand’s “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.”

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