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6 thoughts on “Dollar Fun

  1. This may be the most ominous video I have ever seen.

    If one looks at this from a U.S. Citizen standpoint, the dollar “is” on the way out and will have HUGE consequences. From a trend following standpoint, this is exciting!

    From a Christian standpoint, I highly doubted that a global, one world govt could emerge. However, as the old saying says “He who owns the gold makes the rules”, it appears as though the money is starting to centralize into one agency, the IMF, and soon they will need a govt to manage the allocation of this money. Could be even more exciting – who knows, people have been saying this for thousands of years.


  2. Personally, not looking at it from a superstitious standpoint, looking back in history shows cycles of this happening over and over. And each time, the people are CERTAIN its the end of the world. And the problem with you folks who think the loving McJesus is going to take you someplace nice and send everybody else to be tortured? Ever heard of self fulling prophecy? You will be the most dangerous people around – I mean, why really struggle to help us get through this if “your going to a ‘better’ place”?

    The patterns of empire are clear, its not like SOME fail – they ALL do. But that doesn’t mean “we’re all gonna DIE!” — it simply means having to find new ways of running things. Ergo – the Soviet Union when they collapsed.

    Of course, we are not as rugged as the Soviets were. We are the most obese, most illiterate, most superstitious, most heavily armed people on the planet. I suspect that if anything interferes with peoples ability to sit and eat cheese puffs while watching TV six hours a day? (A true average) I think we’ll throw a temper-tantrum, a big and violent one.

  3. anything can happen, but….. buying gold at 1,000 is a low probablilty play. Yes, trends persist, but everyone one and their brother said buy oil when it was at $140+ because its inevitable its going to $200+. So now everyone is saying buy gold becuase its inevitable its going to $2,000. The CFTC COT report shows commercials are selling and locking in prices now.
    Be cautious at extreme sentiment readings.


  4. In reality it is the secular humanist who is superstitious since he believes that the universe came out of nothing (had no beginner), was intelligently designed by a non-intelligence (had no designer), and who is absolutely sure that there are no absolutes (a logical contradiction). In contrast, the Bible has 100% accuracy of fulfulled prophecies (over 300 O.T. prophecies regarding Jesus Christ alone), eyewitness testimonies, an abundance of historical and archaeological evidence. Susan says “Christians are the most dangerous peopel are around.” Really? The ones who have built hospitals, care for the poor , sick and needy, and call people to repent and turn away from their sins (evil)? Lets just all remember the great moralist/atheist leaders of Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, and Mussolini.

  5. FXmike – I agree with you, but the talking points for this interview was based on the op ed story written by FED Gov Warsh. So it’s not exactly out of right field.

    The FED raising rates is what is going to trigger the real depression. That’s what he meant by populace anger. Except there’s no way around raising the interest rates if we want to save the dollar.

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