4 thoughts on “System Traders Charge through Bear Markets

  1. Michael: I loved your article on System Traders. I have been following my trend following RIX Strategy for about 40 years. I only stay in the market when the Trend is up. I am a “Mechanical Investor” so my investment decisions are based on my mathematical formula that identifies changes in the trend of the stock market. For the year 2008, The Hulbert Financial Digest ranked my Newsletter 7th in the country out of 200 Financial Newsletters they track. For that I give myself a C+ :<). Thanks for inviting me to be a member of the cast in your film “Broke-The New American Dream” Jim

  2. Stocks are up. Other markets are other markets. Jim doesn’t make predictions that I know about! 🙂

  3. letitride2: I have been on a Buy Signal for both the NYSE and NASDAQ since 7-15-09. As Michael says, I do not make predictions. I go with the trend. When my RIX Index gives a Sell Signal I will get out. My previous Buy Signal was on 3-17-09 to a Sell Signal on 6-22-09.

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