7 thoughts on “This Advice Equals Holy Grail!

  1. And yes I was there for each and every interview asking the questions. I see these clips and remember the mileage! For Lucy Craft we got her spur of the moment in Tokyo. I had been up for at least 48 hrs straight.

  2. Standard Covel stuff. Michael has been doing an excellent job at provoking thought, and stressing what not to do for years. (listen to CNBC or other pundits for trading ideas). His articles, audio archive, and video clips are very good at pointing out what pitfalls many traders fall into. Yet Michael never seems to answer any the tough questions or provide solutions himself in any of this content.

  3. Kevin there are two books out under my name possessing in total over 180,000 words! There are more than a few solutions in there, but don’t let me take away from a good argument.

  4. Hi Michael, I own and have read trendfollowing and complete turtle trader. There is some great advice in those books and I would recommend them to anyone getting involved in the markets. Also, your email newsletter has some excellent audio clips and articles. However, in my option, they stop short of leaving the reader with a complete trading system with specific entry, exit and money management rules. They are excellent books and interesting audio clips, but in my opinion a newcomer to the markets will need more to be successful.

    In fairness, I have not purchased or seen your trading system that you sell online. Maybe some of those precise specifics regarding, what exactly constitutes a trend, what time frames does one look at, what to do about different trends in different time frames, what exact signals are used for entry and exit, what is the appropriate amount of capital to risk, what are your stop loss and profit taking procedures, etc. All of which must be addressed and strictly followed all of the time for one to have long term success in the markets.

  5. One edition of my Trend Following included an entire appendix with system examples. My turtle book includes all the turtle rules which address all issues. Can and do people need more hand holding? Sure, but if you want examples of systems some are clearly right there in the books too.

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