5 thoughts on “Michael Moore on New Film

  1. The big problem that I can already see? Apparently, we the people who elected the politicians who gave the bailouts have no culpability? Apparently, we all just got hoodwinked and bear no responsibility? Not true.

  2. Politicians like to change their opinions after they are elected into office, they are like everbody else. So people bear only very limited responsibility for what politicians do. In order to make the people responsible it should have to vote on the budget every year. Influence on budget is much more important in politics than picking persons for offices.

  3. I don’t agree with Michael Moore most of the time, but I do find his obviously slanted films to be entertaining.

    I think it’s ironic, for a guy who hates capitalism so much, Moore has done extremely well for himself under the system. He attacks everything, but he never has any plausible solutions.

    Look at the personal lives of most people in power, they hate themselves so they try to change the world.

  4. Love him or hate him, he finds nuggets of hypocrisy that make good theater. Bowling for Columbine? Open a bank account and get a rifle. Fahrenheit 9/11? The President sitting there lost. Sicko? Some French guy who gets paid upon leaving the hospital after being there for free care! Is it nutty, over the top, out of context, etc. etc.? Yes. The right and left will debate till death, but it is good theater.

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