4 thoughts on “Dow 15000!

  1. Love it when these guys say “when you look at the BIG picture”…blah, blah, blah…”buy a quality stock like xxx”. Gosh, this stuff sounds sooooo good but is sooooo bad. Hope the avg folk keep listening to this stuff. Don’t know whether he is right or wrong but I can dance around him. MSFT just announced declining revenue and profits for Q2 – what will that mean for his prediction? Oh, well, in the BIG picture, BING and new OS will save the day….

  2. Typical of what you hear in bear market rallys. Nothing is being added to the top line in these earnings. All “improvements” are from cost cutting strategies. Good luck with that one down the road. Also, totally ignores the role of debt in the mix. We get to 15,000 DOW on the way to 100,000 DOW ONLY in a Weimar scenario.

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