Who is Watching “Broke” the Movie?

So far “Broke” has been seen by people in:

Hong Kong
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

Some “interesting” man on the street interviews:

11 thoughts on “Who is Watching “Broke” the Movie?

  1. Hi Michael – I just watched BROKE. Once again, you put the journalists to shame! It was great seeing your interviews with Jim Rogers, Salem Abraham, and Larry Hite. First class all they way!

  2. I guess i am representing Germany on that list. My copy arrived today and i am really looking forward to watching it tonight. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

  3. I never suspected it was just me in Germany! I gave it the first of many watches last night. Michael an excellent film. Thanks.

  4. Michael, have you considered making your film available to view online if people pay to view it? It would probably make it a lot more accessible to people around the globe and you wouldn’t have to distribute physical copies. Just a thought.

  5. Dear Michael,

    I tried to purchase your film through itunes but I am afraid it is only available in the US store.

    Will it be available for non-us residents anytime soon?

    Thank you.

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