10 thoughts on “Crash: Dykstra Discusses Bankruptcy

  1. I watch it and think he can’t even afford a bottle of shampoo anymore…and he’s been beaned in the head a few too many times.

  2. I agree with Michael on the conman. I think Dykstra was out of his league and didn’t realize that he was the one being scammed. It’s a pyramid of life.

  3. Wow, yet another “victim”. What a piece of work.

    Jane Wells does a good job giving him rope to hang himself

  4. He repeatedly mentions the 111-0 record of stockpicking. The alert interviewer asks how he can be bankrupt with a perfect stockpicking record and he never answers. Could it be that he’s never actually puting any money in his own “system”?

  5. I dealt with a fairly interesting conman once. He had followers. He had reputation. And he had the exact same Dykstra “bad luck” — which of course is not bad luck, but just part of the con. I think back to another flim flam artist who I crossed paths with years back. He was an attorney. Hie entire business model was to get close with someone, start a business with them, for the sole reason of finding a weakness to exploit in a legal shakedown. He never had an intent of real business, just finding a ‘whale’ he could take advantage of. These people exist. They are dirtbags. Keeping eyes wide open is true advice.

  6. WOW…. sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. He’s obviously been beaned far more than a couple of times.

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