No Way

Caught a line from a top political name on the eve of the 4th of July that made me cringe:

People want their problems solved and very often the government is the one that has to do that.

The government doesn’t solve anything. It’s one thing to build roads and bridges, it’s quite a different thing to play make believe about “fixing” an economy. The economy is made up of people and people behave in certain ways. Is government (which is after all the people!) going to change how people behave? No. American behavior will change, perhaps, when a stock market crash/Depression II is unleashed or perhaps if there is a war, but not before.

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  1. I always like K doing math.
    “…which also showed wages stalling and possibly on the verge of outright decline.”

    This is exactly, what the average employee in Europe and maybe in the US needs. Part of the solution.
    In a globalized economy, there is no sustainable justification for a worker, even a doctor or engineer to earn five or ten times more than some equivalent in Russia or India. Maybe in Europe the frictions were much more visible since years, because of the shorter distances.
    Politics and Unionists have failed to allow for the employees to strenghten their competiteveness. Instead, they are looking at companies closing down sites everywhere in the developed countries, and tell people managers are to blame (only) for the unsustainable luxury of earning western wages, but paying eastern expenses for much of our lifestyle.
    And Economists so far have failed to show a viable way out beforehand (not in hindsight looking at the 30ies).

  2. Backwards.

    The mood changes; then other stuff happens. Not the other way around. Everyone is looking for ’cause and then effect”. How about; “The social mood changed, then later we see the result, such as a decline in the stock market, the real estate market, people cutting back on spending, people saving money, people taking on less debt, etc, etc.

    When will the world ever get it.

  3. “There are too many people on earth and not enough resources.”


    So what is the solution? Mass murder/suicide? Greenie “there are too many people” blabler talks make me sick.

  4. Patrick, I don’t think the talk of too many people is out of line. I saw Al Gore give his power point presentation (soon to be Oscar winner) live in Hong Kong. I thought it was interesting. He made a compelling case for too many people. Throughout the talk he placed blame on overpopulation time and time again. It made sense. Then he got to the end, and I am expecting to hear him talk about slowing the population down and he says essentially if we adopt California emissions things will be fine. He lost me at that moment. No one wants to address the locust like spread of people across the planet. Put aside global warming debates, too many people is a problem from a resource standpoint.

  5. I don’t think there are any solutions. Part of the world in Asia/India, etc. are going to keep growing. Everyone wants to live.

  6. Some interesting thoughts regarding this by Ralph Vince in
    “Anyone who speaks of global warming as “fact,” and argues in favor of alleviating it, absent a serious solution to our growth rate, should not to be listened to.”

    Maybe Gore wanted to adhere to this rule, but in between his performance, fell back to the usual pattern of “global warming->we must reduce emissions in the neighbourhood”. 🙂

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