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  1. Maybe she didn’t want to answer questions about the ridiculous headlines on her company’s website; for example:

    So, what am I supposed to take from this? If Madoff gets 125 years, that’s good for stocks? Or is it bad for stocks? Or, are they just dreaming up things to write?

  2. Didn’t Maria settle with the SEC for pushing Cramer’s recommedations during the dot-com bubble?

  3. While I don’t disagree about the media creating a demand, sounds a bit like sour grapes to me. What is this piece about with all the pre-ads and the info re Michael’s books. A bit self serving I say.

  4. Hello Michael,

    I smiled and laughed when I listened to your “blip” on Maria Bartiromo and CNBC. Several times during this past year, I have e-mailed CNBC in regards to the “CNBC reporters” and their…rude, arrogant attitude towards guests. Maria may will be a very nice person…BUT she and every other person on CNBC…are rude and arrogant AND have added a great deal of negative, personal views to their reporting. thanks

  5. maria married to an extremely wealthy man. Plus she makes a huge
    salary. So possibly she does not want to lose .

  6. For years, my mute button has been on when CNBC has been selected.

    I only watch the tape

  7. EVERYTHING in the USA is false and a scam. It’s got to the point where I trust no-one and nothing. The stockmarket is the world’s biggest scam. I don’t know anyone that has made anything from it – only losses.

  8. Marshall, you are right. I want people to see a different vantage over what they currently do. No secret. I don’t apologize. Now that that is out of the way…

  9. Maria’s husband during the dot-com bubble was Jonathan Steinberg, editor in chief of a financial investing advice magazine. When the bubble burst this magazine folded. I guess this was very stressful on Ms. Bartiromo. Most financial advice people in the media are not experienced financial managers, they are journalists, media people, and amateurs. The expertise of investment pros is not comparable to MDs. The media are merely doing their traditional job of pimping to greed. Blame personal greediness and the lottery mentality.

  10. Look, at the end of the day, American media is entertainment, pure and simple. Ya want real news, then watch the BBC or Deutsche Welle.

  11. She is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen on TV. Did you happen to catch her appearance on “celebrity” Jeopardy? She never rang in – she never answered, nor even attempted to answer, one single question. Her score at the end was $0.

  12. You make accusations without any proof or examples. You are media and just as guilty as those you accuse. This is a hatchet piece without merit.
    Yoou apparently have an audience that hates American, CNBC, and Maria. Glad I don’t have to live in your dung hole

  13. CNBC isn’t the enemy.
    Michael Covel isn’t the enemy.
    Maria B-what’s-her-name isn’t the enemy.
    In fact, I’m not really sure there IS an enemy.

    Einstein said that the most import question we can ask is: Is the universe a friendly place? Is that the most important question we can ask of the market?

    And if it were, what would your answer be? Do you think your answer would be different than Ed Seykota’s answer? Would it be different from Richard Dennis’ answer? Would it be different than the rookie retail trader’s answer as he tries his best to match his stochastic’s buy signal with his MACD sell signal and his Ichimoku Cloud Charts Momentum reading?

    I remember moving to a new city when I was 10. At that time the second grade was the scariest, meanest thing I had ever been introduced to. After 5 minutes I was laughing and jumping around like nobody’s business. What had changed? Did the second grade change? Did the school change? Did people change?

  14. Hey David John Hall – what the heck were you doing in the second grade at age 10? It’s supposed to be a place for 8 year olds !!!

  15. Anyone who did not realize many years ago that CNBC is
    a cross between Entertainment Tonight and a side show
    at the circus, deserves to lose money taking their
    recommendations. I had the pleasure of hearing the lead
    economist for a major fund family many years ago during
    the Russian ruble crisis. He was to go on that morning,
    but told the story of before going on air Maria messed
    up her hair to look rattled in doing the ruble piece.
    Case in point. Second case in point, Cramer. Need I
    say more.

  16. Use CNBC for what it offers, information, not entertainment. I watch 10-15 mins of the NY Close programme at 4pm (NY Time) it gives me what I need, it does not show me “where my money is” or how to make it, for that something else is required….

    London (England)

  17. It’s bad enough that media individuals are cheerleaders for one side, but it’s repulsive that they should be entitled to editorial control over what they say in an interview! To Maria and all the other members of the CNVC cheer squad: You deserve the credibility which your sister network MSNBC has rightly earned for their bogus journalism. I am not surprised anymore at your network’s dismal ratings. You all deserve it!

  18. I agrree that everything said by these so calles “Financial Reporters” should be taken with a a grain of salt but what I really want to address is the credit card issuers. Month to month the due date changes and if you don’t catch it you can be royally screwed. When I receive my August my bill it should be just that. I have to pay it in the month of August period. Not the 5th or the 14th just August. Is that such a hard concept to understand?

  19. CNBC is a stage show of group of people (with few exceptions) who are opinionated and continually regurgitate; some with what seems like a 24/7 PMS symptoms .

    Everything there is a “THE breaking news” I am surprised the bathroom breaks at the CNBC are not “the breaking news” yet!

  20. CNBC has continuous market info on their screen crawlers, and that is valuable. Some of the young ladies (and not-so-young ones) are quite nice to look at, and that is valuable. Some of their guests (Schiff, etc) are fun to watch for the shock effect they have on the talking heads. And their absolute idiocy affords me opportunity to hone my economic rebuttals, if only to scream at the television while they pretend to actually know what they are talking about. Other than that, I keep the mute on and read the internet sites that have the real information I need.

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