Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz

Barry Ritholtz forward me a copy of his new book Bailout Nation. I will post a review soon! If it is anything like his appearance in my film ‘Broke’ I am sure it will be a smart and quick witted read.

3 thoughts on “Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholtz

  1. Ritholtz has some lines in my film that are simply classic. I wanted to end the film with one of them, but it ended up in another section of the film. I still debate the decision!

  2. michael! i know this is off topic but i just want to thank you for writing those books! i read them both and it made trading have PERFECT sense to me. you see, i play online poker for a living for almost 3 years now and have been thinking about making the transition from poker to trading for about a year or so.

    i started trading this march 2009, and have been trying to come up with a system based on the two systems in the ‘complete trend follower’. been playing around donchian channels, moving averages, volatility(ATR) and the money management aspects of the trading strategy and have yet to decide if i should take a more aggressive approach or a more conservative one. i guess i have to take the former since i am just starting out, and would switch to ‘aggressive mode’ when i start winning!

    again thanks so much! can’t wait to order your film!


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