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3 thoughts on “Greed Is Definitely Good

  1. “self interest over rides all” to quote Rich Dennis, Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand; Hindus call greed “kama” or worldly desire(काम) as in pleasure, desire, eros, the aesthetic enjoyment of life in Sanskrit. It is regarded as the third of the four goals of life (purusharthas): the others are duty (dharma), worldly status (artha) and inner freedom (moksha)

  2. We had a 70 year real life experiment called the Soviet Union. Iron clad proof (pun intended) that taking away an individuals incentive to become the best that they can be is the most destructive and wastful way to spend a life. Ronald Reagan snapped us out of our 1970’s malaise and the proof of that success is evident to all who worked hard to achieve, not wait for a government handout. “Incentive” is the word.

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