6 thoughts on “Grandmother Tasered for Refusing to Work as Walmart Greeter

  1. I am trying to understand your headline and determine if it was a bad attempt at humor or what. Nowhere in that tape was there any indication that could lead to your headline!! IMO, the cop was not justified and this is far from a laughing matter.

    JMO, Rick

  2. I have a grand mother at such an age, there is a very high probability of having heart problems, therefore she could have easily died … this should come under attempted murder, not negligence.

    But most of all is that linear thinking, as common rules don’t apply to the old woman for obvious reasons, so even if she hit the cop with her hand bag, he is not suppose to hit her back because she is powerless.

    Most important of all, is the tolerance that we have to give back to old people because they raised us, they are highly valuable because they have seen the past come and go and they usually have a better common sense than younger people.

    I hope he gets jailed for at least four years so others can understand how important that old woman is.

  3. ” Refusing to Work as Walmart Greeter” – he means by that “being a sheeple” AKA following the “rules”.

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