8 thoughts on ““We Got Green Shoots”

  1. A star in the making. Fox News Network should consider hiring this guy to host his own show…to go head to head with Cramer on CNBC. Worst case scenario? One less unemployed American.

  2. go head to head with Cramer on CNBC.

    Amen! Cramer would be off air after one show. Just goes to show you that the average Joe ain’t that dumb after all.

  3. Pretty interesting indeed. He makes an interesting connection between the loss of union jobs and the gain in Wal-Mart jobs. In my book, that’s simply the invisible hand of the marketplace telling you true value of union labor…

  4. No, it’s simply the very visible hand of management shipping jobs overseas. Wal-Mart is China’s biggest customer.

  5. This duy dosen’t understand how the world works very well, and its the always the worlds’ fault. Adapt or die, and save us all the anger.

  6. Yeah…… buy gold with his maxed out credit card and then not pay for it…. what a guy.
    here is my idea of investing in metals….. Buy brass encased, copper clad lead… always more valuable than gold.

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