Stimulus Benefits Big and Small Doled Out

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

President Obama may have been thinking big with his $787 billion stimulus package, but his counterparts in local government are thinking decidedly small. Cincinnati is giving out grants as small as $8,556 for a program to prevent teen pregnancy and violence. The list of local applications for the Community Development Block Grants also includes $61,200 for sidewalks in Forest Park, $93,000 for air conditioners in Sharonville and $56,008 for playground renovations in Hamilton.

Why are my federal tax dollars going to trying to stop kids from having sex in Cincinnati, Ohio? Last I checked I don’t live in Ohio! The article continues:

In Woodlawn and Lincoln Heights, taxpayers will spend $100,000 to resurface one-seventh of a mile of Prairie Avenue, and install curbs for 20 houses along the way – a project that Rev. Jesse O’Conner hopes will stop the flooding in his basement…“We need to get people working again, spending money,” said O’Conner, a General Electric retiree who’s lived on the street since 1954. “It needs to be spent, not put in the bank somewhere.”

That’s not good logic Rev. O’Conner. Money in the banks is silly? Oh, we have so much more pain ahead!

3 thoughts on “Stimulus Benefits Big and Small Doled Out

  1. Rev. O’Conner should have done his due diligence when purchasing his home. I live not more than a 20 mile radius from every town listed in this article, and I bought a house where the basement doesn’t flood. So, why should I pay for Rev O’Conner’s peace of mind?

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