11 thoughts on “Trend Following?

  1. Ken Tropin also on that list. Trend follower big time. In an earlier career was president of John W. Henry’s firm.

    I have not seen the numbers yet on Dunn, but given the amount he was managing (less than 500M?), and given that he had been in a drawdown working with a high water mark on his fee structure, I am guessing a good bit of his money under management was his. No one can ever say Dunn is just living off fees. Such a cool way to do it.

  2. It is telling the one of the interviewers is keen to stress how few (in his eyes) hedge fund managers have done well. As in a lot of things people are threatened by success in other people as it highlights how little they know themselves.

  3. More from the NYTimes:

    “Mr. Harding, who runs Winton, said his success last year was part luck, part knowledge from 25 years of hard work in which he often struck a solitary path in a type of trading that had many naysayers. “It is nice to have a golden life and a purpose to engage in, a reason to go to work,” said Mr. Harding, who doubted that many people would be willing or able to do his job.”

  4. My bad. Kovner, another trend follower by training. Commodities Corporation, Michael Marcus, Seykota influences/background.

  5. Checked Kovner on wiki, >2.5 billion actually in net worth, >10 billion in management. Impressive!!!

    BTW is Seykota still offering Trading Tribe workshop?

  6. Haven’t checked out his website for along time actually. Had anyone attended, if someone did what do they think of it?

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