5 thoughts on “CEO to Pizza Guy

  1. Did this guy ever hear the word “Saving for rainy days”?
    The media is showing this person as a celebrity or to be proud of something. I been working for last 8 year, making 80,000 per year. I have a saving of over $200,000 in case of emergancy. This guy making over 700,000 per year? and now delivering pizza (not that I think of this job as minial)?. This shows the mentality of American people and the reason they dug hole for themselves?.

  2. You didn’t hear the part where he had to spend his savings to keep afloat. Obviously this man had savings because he was earning just under a million. He lost everything because he overestimated the market for his hedgefund company. I’m going to say bad judgement. But he’s paying the price. Just think if he kept his job he could be getting those bailout bonuses right about now.

  3. Although this man seems like a nice enough guy, it is difficult to feel terribly sorry for him. How much damage did he do to others with his failed hedge fund? How can you feel bad for someone who had an opportunity to enjoy the perks of life that some will NEVER enjoy. One big mistake was that they spent money as fast as they made it. And what about the Misses, does she have any plans to actually work? Perhaps they should have missed a few of those yearly vacations.

  4. Don’t believe a word. He’s and his wife have ditched his savings and now he’s just scamming everybody .. well about everybody. And why do i suspect.. the remark he made about his kids going to private school paid for by a fiend to the tune of $30K/year. You can bet his friend expects and will be paid off with interest.

  5. Well, quite honestly, do you really think he was the smartest tool in the shed? 5 minutes of watching the guy and you can see what i mean….

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