Pay Down Debts? No Spend It!

From the wires:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Obama administration on Monday rejected South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s request to use $700 million in federal stimulus cash to pay down state debt. White House Budget Director Peter Orszag said in a letter to the Republican that the federal stimulus law doesn’t allow President Barack Obama to make an exception for that cash. Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer had no immediate response, but the governor has said he would reject part of the stimulus money if Obama wouldn’t give him flexibility in spending it.

This excerpt is a sure sign that the “stimulus” is far less about stimulus and far more about politics. Washington could care less about being fiscally responsible. They just want to see money spent come hell or high water. Where the money comes from or whether debts are ever repaid has no relevance. Just prop the economy up again at any price. Gee, I saw this attitude right after 9/11. Obama hasn’t said it yet, but his actions have been all about Bush’s famous cry after 9/11: “Don’t worry, go shopping, spend money!”

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