Nice Swing

I just read this article about a 16-year old kid who hit a 570 foot home run. His Youtube videos are sick:

For those of you who have never swung a bat, that swing and power at 16 is unreal.

4 thoughts on “Nice Swing

  1. Of course it is unreal when he is 6 foot 4 and has > 100 kilograms at only 16 years of age. My question is will he be a versatile & quick player later on in his career?

  2. Patrick, I was 6 foot and anywhere from 170-190 playing ages from 16-20 and maybe had a few balls travel 400 feet. There were plenty of guys who were much bigger than me who could not hit at all. I know several very good hitters back in the day who were much bigger than this kid at the same age. Far bigger. None of them ever hit a ball 570 feet. Anyone who has played knows his size is not the reason the ball goes so far. It is that swing. Tiger woods perfect.

  3. He is certainly talented to get into the zone. Still remains the question if his coaches will be able to keep his talent evolving. We have an example of Janica Kostelic here, she was trained by her father also. Perfect body constitution & great willingness to endure.

    I must only say that we don’t have appropriate mountains for skiing here. She still remains one in a thousand and her brother is almost nowhere near her talent.

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