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  1. Stewart throws another high fastball at CNBC, this time he beams the wild pitch at their MVP(Moronic Valueless Prognosticator) Cramer. This was not as funny as the first sketch Stewart threw at CNBC, which was a comedic perfect game. He was outstanding nevertheless & its about time they get heat for their role in the most recent bubble. They haven’t gotten enough & hopefully more shots like this will bring their escapades to forefront.

  2. Jon Stewart, er, aka Jon Liebowitz, all 5’7″ of him, is a moron. He does nothing but take marching orders from the loony left, falling into place much like the der sturmer readers of the 1930’s. the latest is to eviscerate cramer, as he is now viewed as a threat to the president. saul alinsky is the dems’ hero and they use his tactics to eliminate him. this white house is the modern day gestapo, in how they attack individuals. just frightening.

  3. 1st things 1st Sandy he’s a satirical comedian. 2nd sure he is opinionated. And 3rd YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE ANYONE FOR SERIOUS, i don’t trust anyone today excerpt to the close ones and even them i must check out if they are truthful most of the times.

  4. I can’t stand Jon Stewart but on this one I give him an A+.
    Cramer has been proven way wrong yet again. I am glad I don’t take anything he says seriously. That also applies to the CEO’s of any publicly traded companies. They either outright lie about things or don’t have a clue what condition their companies are really in. Yet another reason to be a trend follower. Can’t lie about the price.

  5. ken – funny and substantive. thx for playing. i cant stand cramer either – he used to be a client of mine and his partner jeff was the smart guy, the real stock picker. my only point was that this white house will eat its on – the ends justify the means.

  6. I understand Stewart is an Obama guy (I don’t follow him enough to know), but I can’t tell you what channel Comedy Central is on here in San Diego. That said, Stewart’s skewering of CNBC/Cramer was spot on.

  7. Lord help us, Cramer’s site is advertising a “Grudge Match” tonight on Stewart’s show. I assume Cramer will be there in the flesh for the duel.

  8. Cramer is still practicing his “pump and dump” techniques, now just to an even bigger more gullible audience.

  9. First of all, the clip is hilarious. However, where Sandy makes a good point is that it wasn’t until Cramer started speaking out about the market’s reaction to Obama’s policies that liberals like Stewart started attacking him specifically, and CNBC in general with Santelli’s comments. Cramer has been making ridiculous predictions and recommendations for years. It’s no coincidence that people like Stewart are just now using it as material on his show. From a strictly comedic standpoint, Stewart is great, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves about how many young voters get their information from him, which makes him a legitimate power player in the political arena.

  10. I think Jules Winnfield said it best, “Look, do you wanna play blindman? Go walk with the shepherd. But me, my eyes are wide f****** open.”

    For the heck of it, I’ll throw out some names to help. Robert Bork, Jack Ryan, Sarah Palin, Clarence Thomas…

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